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With the increasing of the above industries worldwide there is a great demand for trained and fresh personnel in the industry. Employers and Jobseekers alike are welcome to use our recruitment services.

To design a technological system, engineers must attend to both the whole and its minutest details, which require knowledge and expertise in diverse areas. Consequently engineering is divided into many branches. Here are ten major ones:

· aeronautics and astronautics · electrical & electronic engineering
· biological engineering · environmental engineering
· chemical engineering · mechanical engineering
· civil engineering · nuclear engineering
· computer science & engineering · systems engineering

As the art and science of production, engineering transforms nature to serve large numbers of people. To transform nature effectively requires knowledge in natural science; to serve people adequately requires knowledge about socioeconomic factors. Internally, engineering has three aspects: engineering science, design and development, and management and organization. Externally, it is closely allied with natural science on the one hand and industry on the other. Together they constitute the main engines of technology. Besides high-tech goods and services familiar to most people, technology also encompasses the human abilities that create these artifacts. It is a capacity of efficient production and an enabler of activities otherwise deemed impossible

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