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Education is an effective means for social reconstruction and to a great extent it offers solutions to the problems a society is faced with. These problems may be economic, social, cultural, political, moral, ecological and educational. Education can help find solutions if it is properly coordinated with manpower needs. In order to provide healthy and enriched childhood to young learners, a new type of teacher specifically sensitized about the perspectives of child development will be required. In order that early childhood education becomes a reality, in terms of its organisation and accessibility, one of the significant inputs in making a success story of it is that of a professionally trained and committed teacher.

With the boom of e-business & voice data convergence for IP,the demand for telecom service is growing fast.

Telecom Offers unlimited opportunities & possibilities in the present and future.The Telecom sector is fast advancing globally by introducing advanced technologies and solutions to the world markets.


Automotive vehicle and parts manufacturing plus repair represents one of the largest global markets. Performance and appearance are the ultimate measure of consumer acceptance.

Automotive supplier is to deliver world class innovative products that helps customers grow sales and improve profitability and at the same time make a major contribution to improving the environment.

A sound transportation system plays a pivotal role in the country's rapid economic and industrial development

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